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How to Play Short Handed Poker

It is very easy to see why short handed Poker is becoming extremely popular in Internet Poker rooms. With fewer players, it means faster game play and thus more strategies needed. While this can present difficulties for some, there are certain ways of playing that can help you win.

The first is that with fewer players on the table, one cannot afford to just check and call, hoping and waiting for the pot to increase and also their odds of landing the big hand. In addition, you will find yourself in the blinds more often than not. What all this means is that you should, and must resort to playing with less than stellar Poker hands.

In other words, be prepared to play with high or middle pairs, or unsuited high hands. This will not be enough in full table games, but in short hand, it can be good enough to call, raise or event take down the pot, depending on the circumstances.

In short handed Poker, it is important to realize that it more essential to have the big hand than the big draw. The reason is that good hands that requires draws, like a flush or straight, can be difficult to form, and also more costly. Also keep in mind that in short handed Poker, the "traditional' way of playing hands does not necessarily apply.

For instance, if your opponent checks on a full table, then it is likely that he is holding something less than a high pair because otherwise he would have raised, so if you are holding a KQ you can feel confident about betting on the flop. In short handed Poker, because of the need to be aggressive, you can never be certain as to what he is holding.

Of course, you also have to factor in short handed Poker the way your opponents play the game. If they give away tells, then you will have an easier time understanding and guessing what kind of hand they are holding, if they are being aggressive or merely bluffing.

If you want to play short handed Poker online, reading other players can pose a difficult challenge, but by constantly playing you will be able to observe and learn how your opponents plays.

The key to understanding playing short handed Poker is simply to play the game. Get used to the nuisances and try the different approaches. You will find one that will work for you, and eventually you will be able to play with the best.

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